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2021-2022 Bell Oaks
Technology Literacy
Codes to my Google Classrooms for Marking Period 1 Classes.
5th Grade(2:00-3:00)
6th Grade(8:40-9:40)
7th Grade(12:30-1:30)
8th Grade(11:20-12:20)
Bell Oaks students will meet for Technology Instruction for a 10 week course during one of the four marking periods during the school year. At this time they will engage with technology to improve Operating System Knowledge, Touch Keyboarding Skills, Folder and File Management, Microsoft Office Applications including word processing, spreadsheets, databases, publishing, and presentation applications. In addition, they will be participating in a STEAM(Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Math) based project involving the creation of a physical structure to satisfy a set of given objectives.
Proper use of both the physical machinery and the etiquette of web usage are stressed throughout the marking period. Safety is of great importance while surfing the web and keeping identities confidential is stresses upon repetitively.
Each Grade will participate in a theme project based involving a computer based logic and skill building game. They will then use multiple applications to assist them in playing the game. It is an effective way to let the students think they are having fun while learning lessons to last them through their educational careers.