Notice of Second Year Member Eligibility Requirements

All Eighth Grade NJHS members inducted during the Spring of their 7th grade year are responsible for reading and reviewing the policies set forth below with their parent/guardian.  Each member and parent/guardian must also sign and return the Acknowledgement of Requirements linked below and return to Mrs. Krapf. 


Notice of Second Year

NJHS Membership Requirements


Students inducted into the National Junior Honor Society during their 7th grade year are required to meet, or exceed, all established criteria to be inducted as a Second Year Member during their 8th grade year, per the Bellmawr Board of Education written National Junior Honor Society selection guidelines.

Each month, Mrs. Krapf will hold general NJHS meetings to check in on each member’s current academic progress and discipline status, however, it is each students’ personal responsibility to work towards earning Second Year Membership.


Academic Criteria:

  • Maintain a cumulative 3.75 GPA over the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd marking period report cards.
  • Receive no grade lower than a C- in any marking period.


Discipline Criteria:

  • Students may not have any disciplinary actions on their discipline record for inappropriate behavior.  Such disciplinary actions include:  administrative detentions, in-school and/or out-of-school suspensions, Saturday suspensions.
  • Students are excused one administrative detention for three unexcused latenesses.
  • As an NJHS student it is important for all member’s to remember they are to serve as models for their peers.  To this end, all NJHS members will be held to a demerit system.  Mrs. Krapf has requested that all classroom teachers, the office staff, and Mr. Farinelli notify her immediately if any NJHS member has a behavior or academic issue.  When Mrs. Krapf is notified of an issue, Mrs. Krapf and the member will have a conference to discuss the issue and ways to resolve the issue.  Any behavior that warrants a teacher detention or movement on the Step Plan will result in a demerit in NJHS.  If an NJHS student earns 3 demerits, a phone conference will be held with the student’s parents/guardians.  If an NJHS student earns 5 demerits they will be ineligible for Second Year membership.  A system for “erasing” demerits has been established.
  • “Erasing” demerits – Perform one extra hour of volunteer service in addition to the 2 hours of service completed each month.


Other Criteria:

  • Academics and Discipline are only two components of the NJHS selection process. 
  • Students must also exemplify the following areas through participation in school and community activities:  service, citizenship, leadership, and character.
  • Students must also receive the recommendation of two current year teachers during the application process in the spring.



  • All NJHS members are asked to perform and record at least 2 hours of volunteer service to the school or community each month.
  • Examples of volunteer service include:
    • helping teachers with straightening up the room, updating the homework hotline or class website, filing paperwork or simple grading, bulletin boards;
    • helping Mrs. Crane or Mrs. Coyle in the Main Office;
    • assisting Mrs. Krapf in the Media Center as a Media Aide;
    • helping a neighbor with yardwork or babysitting (unpaid);
    • volunteering at a local community organization or charity, such as a clothing or food bank;
    • or any other service that is not already a requirement, chore, or work you are compensated for.
    • Important – babysitting your younger brothers/sisters, or your regular household chores DO NOT COUNT!!

Scholarship     *     Citizenship     *        Character 

Leadership     *     Service

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