1. Respect is required at all times. 

2. Students enjoy playing their own games.  Please don't intervene.  Maintain silence unless it is agreed upon that we are playing as teams to help encourage talk about strategy, or when a child who has greater skill is asked to oversee a game to make sure rules are followed. 

3. Food and drink are permitted.  You must dispose of all trash and clean up after yourself, or the privilege might be revoked. 

4. Proper sportsmanship is essential and fair play is expected.  Whether you are on the winning end, or the losing end (or if you somehow manage a stale mate) - shake hands with your opponent.  Don't gloat in victory or wallow in defeat.

5. Touch move rule: If you touch a piece, move it, and release it in the new location, the move is final. If you touch a piece, move it, but return it to the original destination (all without taking your finger off the piece), then that move does not count.

6. If you are offered a challenge, accept it if you're not already playing a game.  Remember that you signed up for the Chess Club to play chess!

7. When the game is finished, set the board up again in starting position. This will help to avoid losing pieces. At the end of the meeting, CAREFULLY put all of the pieces back in the bag, and check the floor to see if any escaped!

8. If there is a dispute: find an adult, explain the situation, and accept his/her decision without complaint.

9.  Repeated failure to comply with the rules could result in removal from the club. 

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