The mission of Bell Oaks Intramurals is to provide a variety of recreational activities selected on the basis of their contribution to the development of the whole individual; physically, socially, intellectually and emotionally.

The intramural program strives to provide programming for all levels of ability and experience. Our aim is to serve the recreational needs of the majority of the student body and not just the athletic minority.

A competitive spirit of fair play and good sportsmanship is encouraged in order to provide all with a wholesome experience.

Participants are asked to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the principles of Bell Oaks Upper Elementary School physical education team building program. Students should be aware that if they are not conducting themselves in the proper manner throughout the school day they will not be allowed to participate in Intramurals.


•Physicals are required by state law for any student grades 6, 7, and 8.

•Grade 5 students fall under the “Elementary” grade level and may participate in intramurals without a school physical.

•No student may participate if they are “excused” from their physical education class.

•Schedules will be posted on the bulletin board outside of the main office, as well as inside the locker rooms. If a copy is needed you can access that on the Bell Oaks webpage.

All participants are expected to maintain  their grades and attendance.  Any grade or attendance issues will disqualify them the ability to participate.

Thank you and Let’s Play Ball!!!!                  

that your student will adhere to all rules and regulation of the Intramurals program.