Intervention & Referral Services

I&RS (Intervention and Referral Sevices) Home page
The Intervention and Referral Service (I&RS) is a way in which educators collaborate to seek the best student learning style and teacher practices. Its focus is to align students’ learning with available resources in their classroom environment.
The I&RS Team Collaboratively:
  • Involves parents/guardians in the development and implementation of the Individual Student Improvement Plan (ISIP)
  • Identifies students in need and then plans and provides interventions for those students within their classroom through Student Improvement Plan (ISIP)
  • Reviews and assesses the effectiveness of the services provided in the intervention of the ISIP
What happens at a meeting?
  • Meetings are held as needed
  • The I&RS Team meets with teachers, other staff, and parents/guardians who have made a referral and requested assistance from the team
  • A new Individual Student Improvement Plan (ISIP) is created for new referrals; incorporating suggestions from parents/guardians, teachers, and other staff
  • Students previously referred are discussed; progress or continued concern is noted; recommendations are made for changes, if any, to the existing ISIP
I & RS: How it Works
Teachers assist students through a variety of approaches, contact parents, access school counselor or nurse.
Parent/Guardian or Teacher Referral to I&RS Team
Review Available Data
Team Meets with Parents /Guardians and Teachers
Identify Specific Student Difficulties
Identify Interventions
Implement Interventions
Evaluate Effectiveness
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Effective or Not Effective
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Continue as needed Modify Intervention
Modify Intervention
Consider Further Testing