Medical/Home Instruction Assignments

MEDICAL MAKE UP WORK.docx (click here)

Extended medical excuses (two weeks or more):

  1. Students with extended medicals shall report to the gym with laptop to complete written work that will satisfy the state requirement for 150 minutes’ health and/or physical education per week.


  2. Two weeks or more- Any student who has a medical excuse that lasts two weeks or more is required to complete a written assignment for each week missed. Below you will find weekly assignments.Your work is to be submitted to Mr. Senatore or Mrs. Corsey at the end of each week.


  3. Full marking period- Students who will miss a full marking period due to medical or Home Instruction, must complete a project for each marking period missed.Students must show their teacher evidence of progress toward their project at the end of each week. Please see breakdown below of project per grade level per marking period.


  4. Your grades for theses assignments will appear in genesis.
**Please see Ms. Corsey or Mr. Senatore for assignment