7th Grade Technology
The 7th graders will focus on the following during the 10 week cycle:

  • file and folder management(network and cloud)
  • touch keyboarding skills
  • safe email and texting usage
  • flow chart creation
  • word processing tools graphic design
  • word processing tools for print media
  • create spreadsheets with functions and operations
  • formatting tools
  • Potential and Kinetic Energy for Roller Coasters
  • creation of Marble Roller Coaster Model from spreadsheet calculations
  • presentation software with animated elements
  • finished animation skills with sounds and transitions
  • presentation software for technology portfolio
  • net and web safety

Please view the attached file below to view the course schedule of activities and lesson.

Please Click on this link to view PREZI for Journey of an Email

Click Here to Play Kahoot Practice Test

Roller Coaster Game