5th Grade Technology

The 5th graders will focus on the following during the 10 week cycle:
  • file and folder management(network and cloud)
  • touch keyboarding skills
  • ergonomics and safe practices
  • word processing tools for editing
  • word processing tools for print media
  • table creation
  • spreadsheet introduction
  • formatting tools
  • presentation software for technology portfolio
  • net and web safety
  • chemical reactions
  • thrust and trajectory
  • rocketry and aerodynamics

Please view the attached links below for resources.
Rocket Propulsion Game

Rocket Gravity Game

Rocket Parts Game

Straw Rocket Launch Practice

3-2-1 Rocket Launch Instructions

Please Click Here to see view 5th Grade Prezi for Ergonomics Test

Click Here to Play NET HEALTH Kahoot