6th Grade Remote Learning

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    • 6th Grade Last Week of School

Monday 6/8

Choose a Virtual Field Trip:

- Go on an African Safari
-A Trip to the Moon 
- Detroit Institute of the Arts 
-Marineland Dolphin Adventure
-The World Largest Canopy in the Rainforest
-Go to Disney World

When you are finished your field trip, write a reflection. Your reflection must include where you went on your field trip, what you liked best about it, and something that you learned. Email your reflection to your homeroom teacher.


Tuesday 6/9, Wednesday 6/10, Thursday 6/11

It is the last week of school, and we challenge you to see how many of these projects you can complete. Students are required to choose at least one of the following projects to complete. Please email your project to your homeroom teacher when you're finished.

Project Options:

Project 1:
-Design and build an airplane and launch pad, watch this video.
-Then complete a video of your launch. Email it to your homeroom teacher.

Project 2:
-Teach the Teacher- make a two-minute video where you teach the teacher.
-For Example: 
Baking, video games, gardening, sport related, how to make a TikTok video etc...

Project 3:
-When you turned in your laptop you received an indoor/outdoor scavenger.
-Complete a scavenger hunt of your choosing. When finished write a 4-5 sentence reflection about it. Ex: What stood out to you? What was the most fun?