Curriculum Overview
 What we are currently working on in ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies in class.

English Language Arts

Reading: Small Group Instruction: Different stories weekly/bi-weekly based on individual lexiles. 

Grammar-Types of Sentences, Sentence Structure, Subject/Predicate

Spelling-Sight Words (grade level spelling lists)

Writing: Four Square Model: Letters, Narrative, Expository, and Argument.

(ELA Curriculum):
Reading, Spelling, and Introduction to writing /verbal responses.

Number Sense

-Basic Math Facts-Based on Level (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division)

-Telling Time- (Elapsed, Calendar)

-Money- (Compare and Order Money)

-Calculator Skills

-Address and telephone number

-Locker combination

-Connecting Math Concepts (Math Curriculum based on level in small groups)

Animal and Plant Life Cycles
The Solar System
Weather and Water Cycle

Social Studies: 

Map Skills
Native Americans
Nation's Capital (government)

* Each Student will have different goals to meet in all subject*