Grading System

The District-wide Grading System can be found in the Student Handbook which is located in the 2018-19 calendar. 

Grading Scale:

A 93-100 

A- 90-92

B+ 87-89

B 83-86

B- 80-82

C+ 77-79

C 73-76

C- 70-72

D 69-67

 D- 65-66

F 64 and below  

The following weights will be utilized by the 7th and 8th grade teachers for computing marking period and final grades:  

  • Projects/Classwork: 25%
  • Tests: 25%
  • Quizzes: 25%
  • Participation/Attendance/Tardiness: 15%
  • Homework: 10%  

7th and 8th grade Homework Policy: 
All students are expected to complete all homework when assigned
 and on time. In math, computations must to be shown. Answers should be identified by circling or highlighting.
The following rubrics will be used.

Assessment/Grading Policy

            Graded                                 Completion


  • Quizzes (numerical%)
  • Tests (numerical%)
  • Big Ideas Math Assignment(Classwork: Checks- see Grading Rubric)
  • Weekly 45-minute IXL Assignment (Classwork: Checks -see Grading Rubric)


  • iReady 45-minute weekly (Homework:Pass/Fail)
  • Hybrid Video using EdPuzzle (Participation:Pass/Fail)
  • Review Activities (Classwork: O, S, U)
  • Mad Minutes (Participation:P/F)