Curriculum Overview

Math Topics:

  • Integers
  • Rational Numbers
  • Expressions & Equations
  • Inequalities
  • Ratios & Proportions
  • Percents
  • Circles & Area
  • Surface Area & Volume
  • Probability & Statistics

NJSLA: Preparations for the NJSLA will be integrated throughout the course of the school year.  Students will become exposed to varying questioning types and will continue to use their laptops to excel in answering questions with mathematical symbols and characters.

Calculators: (6 function) will be used both inside and outside of the classroom minimally.  The amount of time dedicated to calculator usage will be determined by the current subject matter and at the teacher’s discretion.  Homework assignments will be deemed calculator appropriate when stated, otherwise all work should be shown for coursework.

Science Topics:

Earth Science: Fossils and Earth's Past, Plate Tectonics, Development of Plate Tectonics Theory, Evidence for Plate Tectonics, Earth's Structures, Chemical Weathering, Erosion by Weathering, Erosion by Gravity, Rock Cycle.

Physical Science: Combing Matter, Characteristic of Matter, States of Matter, Molecules, Chemical Reactions and Equations, Benefits and Risks of Chemical Use.

Life Science: Cell Theory, Structure of Life, Meiosis, Genes and the Impact of Mutations on Organisms, Photosynthesis, Cellular Respiration, Genes and the Impacts of Mutations on Organisms, Nervous, Circulatory, Immune, Integumentary Systems.