Spirit Week October 31-November 4

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Spirit Week 10/31-11/4


                It’s time for our annual penny wars!

                Jars will be in the cafeteria daily.



¨one jar per grade

¨The goal is to fill your jar completely! Once your

jar is filled, it will be sealed.

¨Each penny is one point.

¨Each silver coin subtracts that amount from the total.

For example, a nickel subtracts five points; a quarter subtracts twenty-five points.

A dollar subtracts 100 points, a five dollar bill subtracts 500 points!

¨Your goal is to put as many pennies in your grade’s jar as you can,

and put as many silver coins or dollars in the other grades’ jars

to subtract points from them!

¨Whichever grade gets the most points wins!


Door decorating contest for all grades!! Show your school spirit by decorating your homeroom’s door with a fall theme! Prizes awarded!

October 31-November 4

Monday (Halloween) Oct.31

Costume Contest!

Wear your school-appropriate costume!

Tuesday Nov.1

Pajama Day! Wear your school-appropriate PJs!

Wednesday Nov.2

Crazy hair/ Crazy hat day!

Thursday Nov.3

Silly Sock Day!

Friday Nov. 4

Wear your team color for the Pep Rally!
5th green, 6th gold, 7th blue, 8th red