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Big Ideas Algebra I

2nd Marking Period Water Park Project Due: 1/25

Extra Credit - open the document below:

E.C. 8th Grade.docx

Currently we are learning about Linear Functions (Chapter 5)
Up next....Exponential Equations and Functions.

Important Dates: 
Chapter 5 Test 12/14

 All in Algebra 1 section

IXL Chapter 1: Due 9/28
J.3-9, J.11 and L.1 & 2 (10 total)

IXL Chapter 2:  Due 10/23
S.1-3, S.5-8, S.11-12 (choose 5)  
S.14-15, S.16-18, S.20, S.23, S.24 (choose 5)

IXL Chapter 3: Due 11/5
T.1-4, K.1-2, K.4-6, K.8-10, K.12,14 (Choose any 8)

IXL Chapter 4: Due 11/26
U.1, U.2, U.4, U.5, U.8, U.10, U.14
Choice of one other lesson from section U.

IXL Chapter 5: Due 12/17
Q.1-7, 10, 11 (Choose 8)

IXL Chapter 6:
EE.1-3 & 6, V.3, 7-10 

IXL Chapter 7:
Z.1, Z.4-6, Z.8-9, AA.2,4-6 (Choose 8)
Must do: Z.10 & AA.1

IXL Chapter 8:
A1.BB.1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 12
CC.1 & 2

IXL Chapter 9:
BB.5,7-11, 13 

IXL Chapter 10:
FF.1, FF.2, FF.3, FF.4,  FF.5,  F.15 

IXL Chapter 12: 

IXL Chapter 11: 
R.2, 4, 6, 7, GG. 1, 3-7

Thinking ahead...Triton EOC assessment topics:
Solving multi step equations and justifying steps
Solving systems of linear equations
Solve absolute value equations
Use quadratic formula
completing the square
Finds slope given two points
Write equations in slope-intercept form
Identify axis of symmetry, vertex, and x-intercepts 
of a quadratic function and graph it
Graph a linear function
Solve quadratic equations (factoring, grouping, etc....)
Identify the number of solutions of an equations
Solve an equation for a given variable
Find x and y-intercept of a linear equation given to you in standard form
Pythagorean Theorem
Function Notation
Parallel and perpendicular lines
compound inequalities (and/or)
Vertex form of absolute value equation
simplify expressions using power rules
identify a function from a table (quadratic, linear, exponential)
Exponential decay
graph and identify systems of linear inequalities (shading, test point)
subtract polynomials (distribute the negative)
Factor polynomials (pull out GCF)
Use Foil to simplify
Real life situation involving a quadratic (given an equation, substitute in)
Find solutions, zeros, x-intercepts, roots of a quadratic 
Find axis of symmetry of a quadratic
Find solutions of a quadratic from a graph
Find the value of the discriminant
Identify a linear equation from a group of equations
Simplify a radical expression