Reading Counts

Reading Counts

RC goals are as follows:

*Read either 2 fiction books OR 1 fiction and 2 nonfiction per marking period.
Complete assignments for each book and take the RC Quiz.


*Each MP, you will earn RC grades for the quizzes you take and the assignments you complete.

Marking Period 1 due dates: Thursday, October 4 and Thursday, November 1
Marking Period 2 due dates: Thursday, December 13 and Thursday, January 24
Marking Period 3 due dates: Thursday, February 28 and Thursday, March 28
Marking Period 4 due dates: Thursday, May 2 and Thursday, June 6

To find out if your book has a Reading Counts Quiz, click the link below and search for your book.

RC Quiz Search

Reading Counts New 2018.docx