Curriculum Overview

*4 Novel Studies: One a semester, on       grade level
*Reading Counts Program:
  5-6 books a semester on students'         Lexile Level
*Benchmark Reading Series: rigorous
  grade level stories & activities.
*Guided Reading Books: Slightly
   higher than students' Lexile to
   challenge them.
We write every day in every subject.
We are improving the mechanics, grammar, & structure of our writing, as well as strengthening spelling & vocabulary.
*Simple, Compound, Complex Sentences
*Sequence Paragraph
*Summary Paragraph
*Cause & Effect Paragraph - revisions
*ABCD (short constructed response)
*Research Paragraph
*Character Analysis
*Figurative Language-Descriptive Paragraph & Story
Social St. class consists of text book & article readings, writing assignments, and many hands on projects.  My philosophy is to make this subject as alive as I possibly can.  By learning the material and putting that information to use, students' interests are peeked & they learn to love this subject.
*Map Studies
*Native Americans
*Beginning of the Colonies
GO Math Program
*Place Value, Multiplication, & Expressions
*Division of Whole Numbers
*Addition,Subtraction, Multiplication, & Division with Decimals
* Addition & Subtraction of Fractions
*Multiplication & Division with Fractions
*Algebra: Patterns & Graphing
*Converting Measurements
*Geometry & Volume
*Scientific Method
*Earth's Forces
*Patterns in the Sky
*The Changing Earth