Projects & Extra Credit
Each marking period, optional extra credit opportunities will be distributed to students via links provided below.  All students have the opportunity to gain at most, 2 points added onto their final making period grade if they complete all 4 of the extra credit activities provided below.  Each marking period, the extra credit will change.  Be on the lookout for due dates, which will be provided on the links below, as well as on the calendar! 

MP 4 EC new.pdf

Each marking period, students will have one project to complete for mathematics, and may also have a project to complete for science.  Because project guidelines and due dates are given weeks in advance, no projects will be accepted late.  All projects will only be accepted on the due date provided.  Below is a link to the most recent project, with due dates and specifications, however, due dates can also be found on the calendar.  Please be on the lookout for the science fair project which will be given towards the end of the school year! 

MP 4 Project.pdf