Remote Learning Assignment
Hey Guys,  
I  found out that Anywhere Math Videos won't work on some school laptops.  You can get on the website by watching on your phones or on personal devices.  All other videos and assignments will work on school laptops.  If you are going to email me with a question please don't use the email tab on my website.  Open your email up on your computer and type  This will allow me to email you back directly. My office hours for  contact and feedback will be from 10-12 during the week.  I will also be doing an online lesson on teams everyday at 11 to help with that day's lesson.  

Hello Everyone,

Please read the following information regarding your online assignments.  I will post all of the assignments in my remote learning assignments calendar.  Please click on the appropriate date and you will find your daily assignments.

Math-Chapter 7
Chapter 7: Area, Surface Area, and Volume
You can access the Big Ideas textbook after you login through Clever. You are to watch all the videos and complete the Big Ideas assignments and IXL modules that are assigned for each section. Feel free to search for more information on these topics if you are struggling. The internet has many other videos and instructions for these topics. The Brainpop assignments are for you to practice assigned skills. Watch the video, take the graded quiz and complete and submit the online worksheet. Continue to practice on Prodigy after you have completed the assignments. Please email me if you have any questions or just want to say hi!!  My email address is


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