English Language Arts
            Read for 30 minutes each night

Tuesday 11/27 Vocab 4 Quiz 
Wednesday 11/28 students will complete a test of "Scary Tales"
Friday 11/30 students will complete a test of "The Monkey's Paw
Individual assignments will be given each day for Vocab 5.  Students will complete in class or go on line using the Sadlier website.  A Quiz will be given on 12/6 concerning this unit

Work related to our Collections series will be completed in class.  If students are unable to complete the in class assignment work will be completed at home.  All students have the ability to sign on to the textbook for daily review

               Social Studies
Students may obtain text on line 

Students will be working Collaboratively to complete research, prepare a powerpoint presentation and create a Kahoot on an assigned subject to be presented to class

Additional work will be added as the week progresses