8th Grade Instructions 1/13
I will not be in today.  Below are your instructions for the period.  If you do not complete the assignments, you will be staying after school to complete them. 

1. Go to joinmyquiz.com and put in the code 194180.  This is practice with solving systems of equations.  You should be using the graphing calculator on desmos.com to help you.  These are instructions for the graphing calculator if you forgot:
  • Go to desmos.com and hit "Start graphing"
  • Type one equation into the first box, and then the other into the box below
  • Look for where the two lines that appear intersect: the ordered point is your answer

This assignment will count as a quiz grade.  You can play as many times as you like until you are happy with your score. 

2. When done with the Quizizz assignment, go to your Big Ideas account and use the Desmos graphing calculator to finish any assignments you still have from Chapter 5 (all systems of equations assignments).  These are a part of your classwork grade. 

3. If you have finished all overdue Big Ideas, go to IXL and work on any AA or Y skill.  You can use the Desmos graphing calculator to help you.