Independent Reading

Choice Board 




Get Quizzing


Reading Counts


Book Review


Use technology to create a different

type of book review!



Get Personal


In 3-4 Sentences explain what this text means to you.

Get Detailed


Draw a detailed sketch of the setting (time and place). Include a quote that describes the setting you drew as well as 2-3 sentences explaining the importance of the setting.

Get Trading




Choose 2 characters from the novel you read and create a CHARACTER TRADING CARD for each one.


Get Visual


Choose a diagram, map, chart, graph, or image that is important to the text.


Draw the image and explain why it is important to the text.

Get Creative


Create a new book cover for a text you read.



Get Writing


Write a letter to your teacher and tell him/her about the novel you read! Make sure you tell him/her the main characters, problem, solution, and if you enjoyed the book!


Get Thematic


Identify the theme in the story and list 2 specific quotations that support the thee and why you chose those quotes.

Texts I’ve Read: 


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