Remote Learning Assignments (Day 12)

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Office Hours 11-12 and 2-3
Daily Chat with Students on TEAMS 10-11

"When all else fails, take a nap."
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Here are your assignments for today:

READ 180 students with Mrs. Krautwald
ELA Daily Schedule:

Before you do your reading routine, view video in your email and
post in ELA

1.) Daily Routine Activity:

Students please check your email..

 Do Now: This will be done in TEAMS

2.)  Independent Reading: set timer for 20 minutes
Complete reading log and answer any questions on graphic organizer. Once you are finished reading the book you will complete the Reading Counts Quiz. If you do not pass you will have to wait 24 hours to take the quiz again. 

3.) Computer Software: set timer for 20 minutes and work through zones. 

Link : 

4.) The One and Only Ivan: work on activities: character study and Ivan’s billboard.
(5-10 minutes each day)

Math and Social Studies Students with Ms. Packer
Before you complete your routine, please open up TEAMS for Math
and Social Studies.  This is a new way we will communicate with each other
through videos, chats and conferences.

Meet in Math TEAMS with Ms. Packer at 10 am for a live chat with us.

*Complete a quick Go Formative on Modeling Multiplication of Fractions
           *View video lesson on the Math Classroom Notebook Welcome Page and take notes
            *IReady Intervention (15 minutes)

Social Studies-
Begin working on your powerpoint for your chosen explorer. 
The packet is in your blue folder. 
Please follow the directions.  Due Friday.


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