7th Grade Assignment 1/13
I will not be in today.  Below are your instructions for the period.  If you do not complete the assignments, you will be staying after school to complete them. 

1. Go to joinmyquiz.com and put in the code 855491.  This is practice with solving one step inequalities.  You can use a calculator and anything in your folder to help you. 

This assignment will count as a quiz grade.  You can play as many times as you like until you are happy with your score. 

2. When done with the Quizizz assignment, there should be choices on the front table that involve solving and graphing one step inequalities.  You must chose and finish at least one of these, but you can do more if you wish.  This will count as a classwork grade. 

3. Once you have finished your choice, check your Big Ideas account to see if you have any overdue assignments.  You can take this time to complete them.  These will go into the gradebook as classwork like normal. 

4. Once finished everything else, you can work on T.1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 in IXL for extra credit.