8th Math Assignment November 7th
I will not be in class today.  Here is your list of assignments to complete for the day. 

1. Make sure you finish the required number of questions on your Do Now sheet.  Keep these in your folder, I will collect them on Monday. 

2. Log in to the Math 180 software and click on the Purple box for the "Math Inventory".  This will take somewhere between 30 and 45 minutes.  You can use scrap paper, but nothing else that is not provided by the program.  Remember you are trying to improve your score from last time, but this will not count as a grade.  It does impact where you will work in the software, so take it seriously. 

3. When you finish the Math Inventory, you can work on the Big Ideas Assignment packet.  It should be in your folder and has all the assignments ready waiting for you.  There are videos available in your grade level tab on my website to help you.  You may listen to music as you are working on this. 

4. If you are getting sick of working on the assignment checklist, you can switch to Xtramath or IXL recommendeds.