Remote Learning Assignments- Health and P.E.

ATTENTION: Please log into TEAMS for Health and Physical Education assignments.  You will complete the assignments weekly through that program.  It is similar but instead of clicking a link you will find it under the assignment tab in TEAMS.  That you for your cooperation in the transition!

Daily Challenges:
P.E. Day 1 (follow link)


P.E. Day 2 (follow link)


CURRENT ONLINE HOURS will be 11-1 Monday-Friday. 

Please click the link below to follow the YouTube videos.  We also encourage you to go outside to walk, run, ride your bike.  Stay active!!!!  

Physical Education Assignment-3 weeks.docx

 Health classes please follow the direction for  "Today I Ate A Rainbow".  You are to be keeping track of your fruit and vegetables throughout the week.
 Health-Nutrition Assignment.docx (<-- click here)

Please e-mail with any questions related to the assignments.


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