Grading System

The District Wide Grading System can be found in the Student Handbook which is located in the 2017-18 calendar. 

Grading Scale:

A 93-100 

A- 90-92

B+ 87-89

B 83-86

B- 80-82

C+ 77-79

C 73-76

C- 70-72

D 69-67

 D- 65-66

F 64 and below  

The following weights will be utilized by the 8th grade teachers for computing marking period and final grades:  

  • Projects/Classwork: 25%
  • Tests: 25%
  • Quizzes: 25%
  • Participation/Attendance/Tardiness: 15%
  • Homework: 10%  

7th and 8th grade Homework Policy: 
All students are expected to complete all homework when assigned
 and on time. In math, computations must to be shown.
The following rubric will be used.