Big Ideas Algebra I

Currently we are learning about polynomials, adding, subtracting and multiplying polynomials, solving polynomial equations and factoring polynomials in different forms.

Important Dates:
Chapter 8 Test
Chapter 8 Mid Quiz 3/21 & 3/22
Chapter 8 IXL

IXL Ch 1 Algebra 1
J.3-5, J.6, J.9 and L.1

IXL Ch 2 Algebra 1: 
A1.S.1-3 A1.S.5-8 A1.S.11-12 A1.S.14-15 A1.S.16-18 A1.S.20 IXL

IXL Ch 3 Algebra 1: Due 11/28
T.1-3, K.1, K.4-6, K.8, K.10, K.14 

IXL Ch 4 Algebra I:
Choose any 7- Due 12/22
U.1-3, U.5, U.8-11, U.14, U.15 

IXL for Chapter 5: Due 1/17/17
Q.1-7, 11

IXL Chapter 6 Due 2/9
EE.1-3, X.1&3, P.2,3,5,6

IXL Chapter 7
Z.1, Z.4-6, Z.8-9, AA.2,4-6

IXL Chapter 8 Due