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  Science is computer based with our textbook series online!  The Discovery Education program is a program where the students will learn all Science standards during their four years in Bell Oaks!  Each year the concepts are expanded on and are taught at a deeper and higher level of thinking, increasing their understanding of the topics. The students will receive weekly assignments as well as a lesson quiz after each section.  Students will complete most work in their One Note online notebook, which is accessible from home.

Students will be using the online Discovery Education program.

See the link below:

Discovery Education Tech Book

The topic highlighted in red is what we are currently learning about.

Important Dates: 

Topics covered:

Unit 1: Evolution

 Evidence for Evolution  
Changes over time and the Fossil Record
 Darwin and Natural Selection

Benchmark 1 Test

Unit 2:
Environmental Issues & Human Impact on Earth's Systems

 Preventing land-use and Environmental Problems 

Human Impact on Earth's Systems (Earth Science Tech Book Section)
 Anthropogenic changes 
 Renewable & nonrenewable resources 

Benchmark 2 Test

Unit 3:
Energy and Waves (Physical Science Tech Book Section)

Characteristics & Properties of Waves 
Types of Waves 
Types of Energy ( Physical Science)
Heat and Temperature 

Unit 4:
Transmission and absorption 
 Beyond visibility  
 Light as wave energy