ASK Science review

Students will be using the online Discovery Education program.
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Discovery Education Tech Book

The topic highlighted in red is what we are currently learning about.

Important Dates: 
Resources Test 2/3
BM2 2/7

Topics covered:

Unit 1: Evolution

Test on Monday 11/7/16
 Evidence for Evolution (sessions 1-7)
Changes over time and the Fossil Record (sessions 1-13)

 Adaptation (sessions 1-6)
 Darwin and Natural Selection (1-7)

Unit 2:Environmental Issues & Human Impact on Earth's Systems
 Overpopulation (session 1-10) 
 Preventing land-use and Environmental Problems (sessions 1-7)

Human Impact on Earth's Systems (Earth Science Tech Book Section)
 Anthropogenic changes (sessions 1-7)
 Renewable & nonrenewable resources (sessions 1-5)

Energy and Waves (Physical Science Tech Book Section)
Characteristics & Properties of Waves (sessions 1-7)
Types of Waves (sessions 1-10)

Types of Energy ( Physical Science)
Heat and Temperature (sessions 1-15)

 Refraction, (sessions 1-8)
 Beyond visibility (sessions 1-7)
Reflection (sessions 1-8)
 Transmission and absorption (sessions 1-8)
 Characteristics and properties of waves (sessions 1-7
Types of waves (sessions 1-10)
 Light as wave energy (sessions 1-6)

We are using to learn new vocabulary.  
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