8th Grade Math

Friday May 26th

Scatter plots and histograms


Scientific Notation


Ch 2 IXL: 8.Q.1-10 and 8.N.11 & 12

Ch 3 IXL: 8.O.6, 8.O.7, 8.O.10 Due 11/23

Ch 4 IXL: 8.Y.1-9 Due 12/22

Ch 5 IXL: Due 1/20/17

AA.2    Solve a system of equations by graphing

AA.8    Solve a system of equations using substitution

AA.10 Solve a system of equations using elimination

AA.5    Find the number of solutions to a system of equations

AA.1Is (x, y) a solution to the system of equations?

Ch 6 IXL:  Due 2/7
X.1-3, 9, 11-14, 16

Ch 7 IXL : Due 3/6/17



Ch 10 :
F.2, F.4, F.5, F.8, F.11, F.6, F.7, F.10, F.9

Ch 9: Due 
CC.14 Scatter Plots
DD.9 Scatter Plots: Line of Best Fit
CC.17 Choose the Best Type of Graph

Chapter 8 IXL
reportT.7Volume of cubes, prisms, and pyramids
T.8Surface area of cubes, prisms, and pyramids
reportT.11Volume of spheres
T.13Volume and surface area of similar solids