7th Grade Math

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Calculators (6 function) will be used both inside and outside of the classroom minimally.  The amount of time dedicated to calculator usage will be determined by the current subject matter and at the teacher’s discretion.  Homework assignments will be deemed calculator appropriate when stated, otherwise, all work should be shown for coursework.

Big Ideas Math (red book)
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Currently, we are learning about Percents
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Important Dates:


IXL Chapter 1 Due 
7.A.37.B.1, 7.B.2, 7.B.4, 7.C.3, 7.C.5, 7.C.7, 7.C.9

IXL Chapter 2 - Due 10/31
1.C.12-18 , 7.H.14 & 15 Choose any 7

IXL Chapter 3 - Due 
D.2 & 4
Choose 10

IXL Chapter 4 -
1st half Due 12/20
1st half - 7.S. 1-9 (complete 7)
2nd half due 1/21
2nd half - 7.T.1-7 _Complete all

IXL Chapter 5 Due: 3/2
J. 1-6 DUE 2/18
J.9-12, K. 1.2.4

IXL Chapter 6 Due 

L.1-3, 5, 6,7,9
Due on 4/20/20

IXL Chapter 7
DD.1, DD. 3 to DD.7 (6 total)

IX Chapter 8 

IXL Chapter 9 due 

IXL Chapter 10