Remote Learning Assignments

Remote Learning Assingments

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Mrs. Krautwald - Room 207

Office Hours: 10:00-11:00

ELA Daily Schedule:

 Do Now: Go to TEAMS and respond to Do Now

 Independent Reading: set timer for 15 minutes
Complete reading log and answer any questions on graphic organizer. Once you are finished reading the book you will complete the Reading Counts Quiz. If you do not pass you will have to wait 24 hours to take the quiz again. 

Computer Software: set timer for 15 minutes and work through zones.

Link : 

The One and Only Ivan:All activities and Reading Counts Quizzes should be completed at this time.


Math: Mon- March 30 and Tues- March 31

Green Folder Packet should be complete.

Watch Loom Video-

M.20 (80% SmartScore)

Login to iReady:
  Complete lesson on multiplying Fractions

Math: Wed- April 1 & Thurs April 2

Watch Loom Video-

M.11 (80% Smart Score)

Login to iReady -
complete lesson on multiplying fractions

Social Studies
Explorer PowerPoint should be emailed to Mrs. Cilvik