Reading Counts

Reading Counts

RC goals are as follows:

*MP 1 40 points
*MP 2 45 points
*MP 3 50 points
*MP 4 50 points

*Each MP, you will earn TWO RC grades: one for points and one for accuracy. You will receive a 100 if you meet your goal, and anything under your goal number will be divided by your goal number to determine your average.

*For example, if in the first marking period you earn 31 points, your average would be 31/40=78. Read 20 points over the goal number, and you will receive 1 point extra credit added to your FINAL GRADE for the marking period. You can earn up to 2 points by reading 40 points extra.  The second quiz grade reflects quiz accuracy.

To find out if your book has a Reading Counts Quiz, click the link below and search for your book.

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