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Big Ideas Math
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Social Studies Textbook
Follow this link to view your Social Studies textbook online.

The username is: cbradybo
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**This is the link that will take you to the Social Studies resources:

Social Studies Current Events:

Current Events Article Presentation



  • Your article should be a current event topic
  • You must give me a copy of your article
  • The article selected must be at least 3 paragraphs long
  • Where to find an article?

  • Remember to choose an article that you find interesting and are able to clearly understand!!

    Part 2-SUMMARY

  • Hand-write or type a summary of your article that is at least 2 paragraphs
  • Paragraph 1

Write a brief summary of the article. Remember to think about who is involved, where is this taking place, what is happening, when did the event happen, and any other details to summarize the article

  • Paragraph 2

    Write 3-4 sentences giving your opinion of the article. Do you agree with what is going on? What is your reaction? Why is this article important?


  • You will choose a date to present your article and summary to the class
  • Your presentation should be based on your summary
  • Your presentation must be clear and last between 1-2 minutes
  • Try to look at the audience and make eye-contact while you are speaking. Remember to project your voice and speak clearly
  • Presentations must be given in order to receive a grade (quiz) for the current event assignment.