IXL Assignments

6th Grade IXL: Chapter 1

O.1Add, subtract, multiply, or divide two whole numbers

O.2Add, subtract, multiply, or divide two whole numbers: word problems

D.1Write multiplication expressions using exponents

D.2Evaluate exponents

O.3Evaluate numerical expressions involving whole numbers

C.1Divisibility rules

E.7Greatest common factor


I.6Least common denominator

E.8Least common multiple


6th Grade IXL: Chapter 2


Work on each module until you have completed at least 15 problems and scored at least a 50 on the SmartScore.  Each module that has a SmartScore of 100 will receive 1 extra credit point.



# of problems completed

I.4Write fractions in lowest terms



I.9Convert between improper fractions and mixed numbers



K.6 Multiply fractions



L.5Divide fractions



L.7Divide fractions and mixed numbers



H.4Divide decimals by whole numbers



H.7Division with decimal quotients



O.4Add, subtract, multiply, or divide two decimals



O.7Add, subtract, multiply, or divide two fractions



O.9Evaluate numerical expressions involving fractions




Average of number of modules completed:  

  • 15=100
  • 14=90
  • 13=80
  • 12=70
  • 11=60
  • 10 and below=50




6th Grade IXL: Chapter 3


Complete each module and write the Smart Score you receive in the table below. The Smart Scores will be averaged into 1 final grade that will be counted as a test grade. It is recommended that you work on a module until your Smart Score is at least an 80 or above before you move onto the next one.



Y.1Write variable expressions


Y.5 Evaluate variable expressions with decimals, fractions, and mixed numbers


Y.6Identify terms and coefficients


Y.8Properties of addition


Y.9Properties of multiplication


Y.10Multiply using the distributive property


Y.11Factor using the distributive property


Y.13Write equivalent expressions using properties


Y.14Add and subtract like terms


Y.15Identify equivalent expressions



6th Grade IXL: Chapter 4





FF.2Area of rectangles and squares


FF.3Area of triangles


FF.4Area of parallelograms and trapezoids


FF.5Area of quadrilaterals


FF.6Area of compound figures


FF.7Area between two rectangles