This year's Spring Concert will be a virtual concert! In each group's Microsoft Team, under the Files tab, is a recording of their part played with a metronome. Students should practice playing their parts with these tracks first.

Then, students should video record themselves, or have a parent video record them, playing their part while they listen to the track. You may do as many takes as you would like until you are satisfied with the result! If you would not like the student's face shown on the video but still would like to participate, you may just do an audio recording.

Next, go to and upload your video file. In the "Email to" section, type in In the "Your Email" section, type in an email that you will check. In the message, type in your name and the name of the piece. When you click transfer, it will send a verification code to the email you put as "Your Email". You will need to type that verification code in before the file will be sent. Once it sends, you will receive an email to that same email.

Then, I will take all the videos and splice them together with the audio to create a recording of us playing the songs together! It is my goal to have these videos done by mid-May. I would like to have the video recordings by May 8th!

Concert Band: We are playing The Tempest and Sweet Caroline
Beginner Band: We are playing Majestic March

If you play percussion and do not have all of the equipment you need, get creative! Use toms instead of timpani! Use kitchen seasonings instead of shakers or tambourines! Use pots and pans instead of drums! I would like to get as many people involved as possible.

If you would like a video walking you through this whole process, you can find it here:

Let me know if you have any questions at all!